About - NJSC South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University,Republic of Kazakhstan

South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University (SKSPU) stands as a prestigious higher education establishment in the southern region of Kazakhstan, boasting an 85-year history enriched with unique traditions. The core mission of SKSPU is the enhancement of human capital through the application of best educational practices. Their strategic ambition is to transform into an innovative educational and scientific hub. At present, the university hosts around 6,500 students, encompassing approximately 6,000 undergraduates, 500 master's students, 33 doctoral candidates, and 200 international students. Established in 1937, SKSPU is one of the nation's oldest universities, centrally located in Shymkent. Over the years, it has achieved numerous milestones and has nurtured thousands of graduates who have gone on to serve both in Kazakhstan and abroad. This university takes the lead in shaping the next generation of educators, preparing a significant portion of teachers for the regional job market.